Playing Golf and Blogging Again

Hey guys, what’s up? Long time no speak right? Well grab a huge pot of coffee because I think I have about a years worth of blogging to do. So what have I been up to over the past couple of months (actually it’s more like a year).

Well towards the end of last year I had a bit of a car crash; I say a bit - it was actually pretty nasty. My fault. Speed and ice just don’t mix that well, who would have guessed it? Anyway basically my knee was destroyed and I wasn’t able to play much golf, hell I could just about walk from my car to my office desk (a commute of upstairs to the back of the garden).

So after a pretty long recovery my doctor told me to start doing a little bit of cycling, and all I can say is how did it take me so long to start doing these most wonderful of sports. My knee is stronger than ever. Now I’m not here today to talk to you about golf driving tips or the latest Nike golf shoes (I will be starting to post again very shortly), but I have also started a cycling wheels website which is called I’m still not back to full strength and my knee still hurts but cycling is really helping.

Anyway last weekend I played the back 9 of my local course and while my drive, suffered - my actual technique wasn’t so bad. I just can’t wait to start playing again, hell it’s only been a year away from gold.

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Nike Junior Revive Shoes

There is a time in every mans life where he wells up with pride for his son. Today is my day to feel like the best dad in the world because today my son has written his first review and because I am such a great person (and my wife nagged me until I said yes) I have included his review of his very own golf shoes on this site.

Nike say that they designed the Junior Revive Shoes to be a smartly styled Junior Access Lite Shoes with breathable leather uppers, a waterproof membrane and their Power Platform Outsole with Stinger Spikes for a winning blend of comfort, protection, traction and enhanced performance. But more importantly to any 14 year old boy they look ace.

They are comfortable enough for me to walk round the golf course and not wonder when the whole ordeal is going to end and they provide enough grip so that I don’t slip when I am tee’ing off.

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Nike Air Max Revive Shoes (2008)

Part golf shoe, part sports sneaker, Nike Air Max Revive Shoes are cut with a new Strobel Athletic last and feature superior Max Air sole cushioning to grant golfers incredible comfort and confidence when they step up to the tee box. Available in sizes 6 to 12, including half sizes, these sleek lined Nike Air Max Revive Shoes come in a selection of black, white/anthracite and white/red styles and offer excellent underfoot support Nike Power Channels and Scorpion Stinger Spikes for maximum traction. You can’t fail to looking fashionable while hitting every shot faster and farther!


Nike Air Max Revive Shoes Strobel Athletic Last

For comfortable, fashionable function, Nike shaped their Air Max Revive Shoes using a new Strobel Athletic Last which incorporates a premium full grain leather upper for breathable freshness with a new WaterShield Pro waterproof lining for fast and effective moisture management within and without.

Nike Air Max Revive Shoes Features

If your feet feel tired after all that walking, then Nike’s amazing Air Max Revive Shoes have all the features you need to give them a fresh lease of life:

  • New Strobel Athletic Last & Superior Max Air Sole Cushioning
  • Premium Full Grain Leather Upper & New WaterShield Pro Lining
  • ForeFoot Flex & Nike Power Channels Offer Powerful Underfoot Support
  • 1 Year Waterproof Guarantee


Nike Max Air Sole Unit Design

For maximum underfoot cushioning, Nike designed a large volume Max Air Sole Unit that’s jam packed to deliver maximum energy return and confidence enhancing comfort with every step.

Meanwhile the soft rubber under sole incorporates a ForeFoot Channel to help enhance the natural flex of your foot while Nike’s improved Power Channel II aids balance for a smoother weight transfer in your swing and a stronger push through impact that results in extra distance from your strokes. Fitted with Scorpion Stinger Spikes built into a quick cleat changing Q-Lock system Nike Air Max Revive Shoes provide excellent traction to keep your feet firmly on the ground as well.

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Putt Your Nike Golf Shoe In Perfect Condition

As we all know Bbuying a new pair of Nike Golf Shoes can be a big investment, but it is one worth making. Once you’ve made this investment you will want to keep your golf shoes in their best condition and you can do this by using the various golf shoe accessories.

In this post we are going to look at how to keep your golf shoes looking like new.

Many courses don’t allow metal spikes as they have a tendency to rip up the greens. Spikes are a critical component of your golf shoes, keeping your feet firmly planted to the ground so you don’t slip over or lose your balance. Plastic spikes are lighter with a wider surface area which prevents the green from being torn up while still being equally effective in providing traction. Many golfers also find plastic spikes to be more comfortable than steel ones, which may have contributed to their popularity. We wrote a good post on how to replace your Nike Golf Shoe spikes.

Another great way of taking care of your golf shoes is to use a shoe bag. If you are not currently using a shoe bag for your golf shoes then you may noticed that they get scuffed or knocked about if they are loose in the back of the car. Boot bags have been used for years in football to keep their boots looking new.

On top of everything there are literally hundreds of polishes and waxes to remove scuffs and scrapes.

By looking after your golf shoes they will look after you.

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Nike Air Zoom Elite World Shoes

Dear reader we need your help. We are currently taking a well deserved break in Lanzarote with a few of our closest chums and have a question for you all that is currently a hot topic on the 19th hole.

Are these Nike Golf Shoes very… footballer-esk or are they a great shoe that shows off your national pride? I sit in the camp of them being a great looking shoe and ok while they might look a bit naff from the back, from the side and front they are just a special edition of the Nike Air Zoom Elite.

nike golf shoes

nike golf shoes

Leave a comment and let us know.

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Nike Tiger Woods 2008 Air Tour 8.5 Shoes

What they say
Walk like Tiger and pounce upon the greens! Finally, they’re here, Nike’s 2008 Air Tour 8.5 Shoes, worn by Tiger Woods himself. Just one look at them and its clear to see why they were made, giving the greatest of golfers a soft, air cushioned step and a sleek, sophisticated style that provides unsurpassed comfort in every step. Available in a variety of styles including black, white/black and white/burgundy with a selection of sizes from 6 through to 12. The perfect player’s shoe can now be yours!

Tiger won the 2008 Dubai classic wearing these Nike Golf Shoes babies!
Nike 2008 Air Tour 8.5 Shoes Features

Nike has given their 2008 Air Tour 8.5 Shoes numerous foot supporting features to maximise Tiger’s comfort out on the course and all these great benefits can now be yours!

  • Sympatex All Weather, Premium Full Grain Leather Upper
  • Low Profile Air Sole Unit
  • Tiger Woods Branding & Debossed Nike Swoosh Logos
  • 12 Months Waterproof Guarantee

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Nike Air Zoom Elite S Golf Shoes Review

My car once ran out of petrol one beautiful summers evening in the middle of nowhere. The nearest town was 15 miles away and mobile phones that weren’t the size of small children didn’t exist. I couldn’t call anyone so I had to walk 15 miles in flip flops back to the village. 15 long miles in flip-flops that drove me so crazy with their incessant ‘flip-flopping’ that by mile 5, I had thrown them into a hedge and decided to walk barefoot.

Lucky for me I managed to flag a lift to the nearest phonebox and one call to Mr RAC to say come fix my car and one call to my darling wife to tell her I wasn’t dead/ playing golf and I sorted the problem. I will however never forget how utterly uncomfortable that walk was and that day I vowed never to wear flip-flops again. It was a foot epiphany. My feet should always be cushioned in luxury well fitting shoes.

This brings me on nicely to the new Nike Air Zoom Elite S Golf Shoes. For a penny under £90 you get a good looking pair of Nike golf shoes which obviously means you get all the usual great Nike features such as great natural foot flex when walking and the Nike Scorpion Stinger Spikes which nestle into the grass without damaging the green but plant your foot solid to the ground no matter what. On top of all that you get the Nike 1 year limited waterproof warranty.

The best bit though? The best part of this shoe is the visible cushy heel air-sole unit which should like a load of bollocks thought up by some marketing men but what it really means is a lightweight cushioning for your foot. Close your eyes and picture your feet with tiny clouds around them and you get an idea of how comfortable the Nike Air Zoom Elite S really are. Oh and you get a 45 days comfort warranty whatever that is.

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Nike SP-5 III Golf Shoe Review

When I first started playing golf (before Nike Golf) my dad took me to find a pair of golf shoes one day. I looked around for a shoe that felt comfortable enough to walk in but with enough grip to keep me from falling on my backside when the grass was damp (something not uncommon in the UK). There was nothing. Being a young dedicated follower of fashion I didn’t have much choice of footwear for the course. I was stuck with some grotty brown shoes. I didn’t feel cool.

We all know history likes to repeat itself and last week my son decided it was time that he would like a nice, new pair of golf shoes, but not he added anything that didn’t look cool. It seems golf has become as much about looking good on the greens as playing well. Obviously not being made of money I wanted to keep my budget under £50. A quick look round a few sites and I found the perfect shoe for him.

Nike SP-5 III is a high-performance that is being tipped as an affordable course dominator.

Feeling comfortable from the moment that you slip them on the latest in an ever increasing range of affordable Nike golf shoes that have been designed to feel comfortable, grippy but not break the bank.

Anyway after 36 holes later here is his quick review:

“I thought that it was a good shoe. It gave me great grip on the grass and I felt very comfortable in them. My first round in them, I shot a great round. That is a good sign. I really lik how they look too”

What the manufacturers say
Built to be soft on the feet and great on greens, these Nike SP-5 IV Shoes combine a cushioned air sole with Scorpion Stinger Spikes for comfortable stability underfoot. A waterproof membrane and breathable mesh maintain maximum dryness in all weather conditions. Nike SP-5 IV Shoes are available in all sizes from 7-12 and in a variety of striking designs including black, white/black and white/green. This is an excellent example of what a great golf shoe should be!

  • SP-5 IV Shoes Breathable Inner Mesh Lining
  • Great Athletic Last
  • Moisture Wicking Inner Mesh Lining
  • 100% Waterproof Membrane
  • Air-Sole Heel & Green Friendly Rubber Outsole

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Nike Golf Commercial

This video was sent to me by one of our readers. I love this commercial for Nike Golf and thought I would share it with you all.

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